Garage Build Ideas: Useful Space To Your Home

Most homes have a garage, but very often that space ends up just providing shelter for soon-to-be-forgotten odds and ends. That’s a shame because it doesn’t take much to put that sheltered space to good use. In the article, we discuss the reasons and ways you can build something in your garage. Read on to learn more and find some interesting garage build ideas.

A Garage Is a Blank Slate

With most parts of you home, DIY improvement projects are limited to the originally intended purpose of the room. If you are planning on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, you will surely come out the other end with a bathroom or kitchen, albeit new and improved.

With a garage remodel, you are only limited by your imagination, and remember that necessity is the mother of invention.

Here are just a few of the projects you can undertake when remodeling your garage:

Choose one project, create your own project or mix and match!

How Do You Get Your Project Going?

Begin with a good, thorough cleaning. You really should take everything out of the garage and start from scratch. Avoid handling items multiple times. When you remove something from the garage, decide immediately whether you want to keep it, sell it, donate it or toss it. Make four piles or groupings and sort as you go.

For things you plan to keep, have an alternate space prepared. Things you use regularly should be easy to access. Seasonal items can go to a less accessible storage area such as an attic or basement.

Get Started On Your Garage Upgrade

Examine your empty garage, make repairs as needed and draw up your plans. Consider the improvements you wish to or need to make to build the added living space of your dreams. Considerations include, but are not limited to:

  1. New flooring can make your garage space look more uniform and feel more inviting. Before installing any sort of new flooring in your garage, be sure to power wash the floors and repair any damaged or uneven areas.
  2. Good insulation makes your garage usable year round. Specialized, sound-dampening insulation is a must for a recording studio project. If you have exposed beams, you can install insulation panels and then sheetrock. If you have a finished garage, you can use spray foam between the exterior walls and the interior paneling.
  3. Improving the windows and doors makes your garage more comfortable and more inviting as space intended for work and/or recreation. Double paned windows, strategically placed to take advantage of the sun can also help keep your garage warm in winter.
  4. Good plumbing is handy in any garage rebuild. Of course, it’s an absolute necessity if you are planning to create a commercial kitchen.
  5. You’ll want Internet access for almost anything you plan to do these days. A good WiFi signal is a must for the most versatile garage rebuild.

Make The Most Of Your Garage Space

Revamping your garage may seem like a daunting task, but once you get your project underway, you’re sure to be buoyed up by the possibilities.

Clearing unused items from your garage and turning that neglected space into useful space enhances your use of your home and can actually increase its value. Follow the tips presented here to build just the space you want in your garage.

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