How To Build A Batting Cage In Your Garage?

A garage is an ideal place to set up a batting cage. As long as you have an open space of approximately 10×15 feet, you have plenty of room to create an area that provides fun and exercise in the winter while helping improve your batting ability. In this article, we provide smart tips and instructions to help you build a batting cage in your garage. Read on to learn more.

Batting Cage Specs Can Vary

Batting Cage Specs Can Vary

You can usually find batting cage nets for sale in lengths ranging from 55 to 70 feet. They are typically between 12 and 14 feet wide. Generally speaking, you would aim to build a batting cage a standard 10’X15’ size; however, there is nothing to stop you from altering those measurements to suit your space and your needs.

To determine what size net you need for your garage, consider these points:

  1. It’s smart to hang your net so that there is a minimum 1’ distance between the net and any surrounding structures (i.e. walls, garage door and ceilings).
  2. It’s even smarter to hang your net so that it gives you a good 3’ – 5’ of space between the net and breakable things such as light fixtures and windows.
  3. It’s a good idea to make your net about a foot higher than you think you’ll need because it will help prevent balls from going over the top.

Choose The Net Material That Will Work Best For You

When you choose your net, you’ll see that you could go with nylon or poly. The difference between the two is that poly is water resistant, but it isn’t as strong as nylon.

Nylon is very rugged, but it requires an added treatment (latex dip) if you need it to be water resistant. Either choice is fine as-is for use inside your garage. Choose the one that you like best and that offers you the best value.

TIP: If you are setting up a batting cage for a very young batter, go with Nylon because it will last the length of that player’s career.

Make A Batting And Golf Cage

Another option in netting is hi-impact golf ball netting. This type of netting has smaller mesh and comes equipped with a rope border already installed. When you choose golf ball netting, you add to the safety factor when batting, and you can use your batting cage for golf practice if you so desire.

Installing A Batting Cage In Your Garage Is Simple

The most common way to install a batting cage is to run three cable lines overhead in your garage. Attach your net using caribiners, shower curtain hooks or similar hardware so that you can slide the net out of the way easily when you are not using it.

Batting Cage How To

Be Sure To Anchor Your Cables Securely

You can use sturdy hooks to secure the cables in place. Be sure to screw them into a stud, not into drywall or similar flimsy material.

Choose The Space Where You Will Set Up Your Batting Cage

If you have a large garage, your batting cage will naturally only take up a portion of your space. When choosing your area, don’t skimp on the surrounding safety zone. If you have room to leave 5’ of space surrounding the cage, do it.

This will help prevent damage caused by balls impacting walls and other structures. It will also help prevent injury as a powerful batter could hit the ball hard enough to impact the wall and ricochet back with only a 1’- 3’ safety zone.

Install Secure Footing

Another safety consideration is flooring. While you could just use your concrete garage floor, this choice does not provide the most realistic or secure footing for batting practice. Concrete is slick, and falling on it is dangerous.

You are far better off using a realistic, indoor/outdoor grass carpeting in your batting cage (both for batting and golf practice). Remember to put padding under it. Either actual carpet padding or some old carpet will do.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Batting Cage In Your Garage?

Having your own batting cage provides exercise and entertainment opportunities at home. If you set up a batting cage for your kids, you are providing them and their friends with a safe and supervised place to have fun and blow off steam.

Batting practice has been shown to improve batting and overall baseball ability. By coupling batting practice with focused hand-eye coordination exercises, you can significantly improve baseball performance.

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