How To List A Garage Sale On Marketplace?

Are you curious about how to list a garage sale on Marketplace? Facebook has made it easier than ever to let local shoppers know that you have items for sale – here’s how to make it work!

How to Advertise a Garage Sale on Facebook 

How to Advertise a Garage Sale on Facebook 

A garage sale is a great way to make some extra cash, but those who plan and advertise will profit the most. Take advantage of the digital tools that are available to you – Facebook is a great place to start.

Step by Step Guide to Posting a Garage Sale on Marketplace

  1. First, select “Marketplace” from the options in your newsfeed.
  2. Then, select “sell something.”
  3. Click “category” and then “garage sale.” Under the description that says “what are you selling?”, write the details of your sale, including the time and date along with a few items you have for sale.
  4. Set the price to zero (or $1, if it won’t allow you to set it to $0) and then add the location of the sale with some pictures. Setting the price to zero is the best option when available, since it will make the garage sale come up first when people filter by price. 

Since you aren’t listing all the items you have for sale, it’s misleading to write the total price. Leave it open so you attract more buyers and give them room to bargain! 

When you add pictures, do your best to take and post photos of the most desirable items. Taking a few pictures of the location itself can help shoppers find your address on yard sale day, too. You can upload ten pictures in total. Make sure they’re clear and crisp!

Click “next,” then post it! It’s as easy as that. 

When you post your sale, you can also select private marketplace groups you’re already in. This is optional, but it will let you reach a wider variety of customers. If you’re not in any private marketplace groups, now might be a good time to join some! 

Here’s a simple video that will walk you through how to post the yard sale on a Facebook selling group:

Make a Facebook Event

There’s another option for listing a yard sale on Facebook that doesn’t require you to post to Marketplace. You just need to create an event. 

  1. To do this, start by clicking “Events” from your newsfeed. It’s listed in Marketplace, on the left-hand side of the screen. 
  2. Select “create event,” then choose “public event.” A new window should open. Make sure the event is public so you can advertise it! 
  3. Then, fill in the details for your garage sale. Again, adding pictures, the location, and other details can be helpful. 
  4. Click “create event” to publish it, which will save it to your events page. 
  5. But wait! You need to go one step further. Although your post is now live, it’s not going to be seen by very many people unless you promote it. Click “Share” to advertise the garage sale to everyone on your friends’ list, and make sure the post is shareable so they can share it with their friends, too. 
  6. You can also upgrade to traditional advertising channels by clicking “promote event” at the top of the page. This lets you pay to promote the visibility of your ad across Facebook.

Post a Status Update

You can always go the good old fashioned Facebook route and just post a status update too! Where you would normally post a status update – the box that says “what’s on your mind?” – write a description that includes information about your garage sale. 

Click “share” to post and consider tagging a few friends to increase your visibility. Again, make sure your post settings are set to “public” so that the status can be shared!

How to Advertise a Garage Sale: Other Techniques

There are plenty of other ways you can advertise your garage sale. Newspaper classifieds, web advertising, and good old fashioned signage work just great. 

Facebook is a great option for advertising a yard sale (or even to sell some of your post sale leftovers) because it is free. Some other free options include:

  • Craigslist ads
  • Yard sale flyers
  • Twitter photos and hashtags

There are also yard-sale specific websites that allow you to advertise yard sales, such as:

  • Yard Sale Search 
  • Garage Sale Hunter
  • Garage Sale Finder
  • Garage Sale Source
  • Yard Sale Treasure Map 
  • Yard Hopper 
  • Garage Sale Tracker

These are all great alternatives if Facebook is not available because, in addition to being free, they will also allow you to specify categories of items you want to sell and even post photos. Don’t be afraid to post on other social media channels, either, like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, or Snapchat.

No Garage Sale Category on Facebook? No Problem!

A Few More Tips for Listing a Garage Sale on Marketplace

You may notice that there’s no garage sale category listed on Facebook. Usually, this is the result of a glitch in the app – try again later, and it should appear.

If it doesn’t, you can always try one of the other alternatives listed above. List your yard sale as an event or as a status update – or skip Facebook entirely.

Another option is to list the garage sale in categories for which you have the most goods for sale. If you’re selling a lot of clothing items, for example, you might try listing the garage sale under the clothing category.

Just make sure you’re as clear in the description as possible that this is a garage sale – and that it’s a local event. Also, be sure that “local” is marked in the description and not “shipping available” – this can confuse shoppers otherwise. 

A Few More Tips for Listing a Garage Sale on Marketplace

Make sure you include all vital information in your post, including the days and hours the yard sale will be held, your address, and information about what you will be selling (and what not).

The ad should be clear and compact, free of typos and other errors. You may want to include directional information like landmarks or the neighborhood name (which will make finding the yard sale easier).

You can also list keywords of items that will be selling, especially those that are in high demand.

Don’t use all caps in your ads and when possible, double space between each item you list so that it looks like an actual list and not a massive, crowded paragraph when people try to read the description.

You don’t have to be a marketing guru in order to write a yard sale ad, but do try to write some catchy descriptions! This is more likely to draw the eye and get people to come to your sale. c

Now that you know how to list a garage sale on Marketplace, we hope you’ll consider these tips when deciding which items to sell and what price points they should be. 

Advertise your garage sale at least a month in advance, but do most of your promotional work in the week or two leading up to the sale. You want to give people advance notice of the sale – but not so much advance notice that they forget about it! 

Remember, the higher your level of preparation is before the day of your sale, the more money in your pocket at closing time! 

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  1. I am having a yard sale April 22nd to April 27th at 15 weatherly drive Lebanon Tennessee I’m moving have any yard sale and moving sale come one come on see what I have see what you want

  2. You post is very nice. I appreciated the tips about posting it as an event.
    However, Garage Sale is not an option for a category on Marketplace. It was very frustrating trying to post about mine as that was not an option.

    • I’ve been trying to figure this out for years as it is not an option for me either…I’ve tried iPad, Samsung phone and desktop computer…it doesn’t exist as a seller, however I see local yard sales in the garage sale category when buying…I hate it

  3. I think something has changed on face book because Category is not an option and garage sale is not an option. I now have a major headache and going to advertise somewhere else. I posted a garage sale a year ago on face book and it was under events but now if you post it under events it appears on face book and not marketplace.

  4. I posted a garage sale ad on private FB sites and did not check Marketplace. Marketplace still saw it and rejected it saying listing goes against their rules. Name brands are listed in the ad. However, when I did a search on MP every brand I had listed showed up. So why did they reject my ad? Saw other garage sale ads with all the same brand names published. What is the secret? So frustrated!!


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