How To Keep A Room Above A Garage Cool?

Most people think that the only way to keep a room cool is by using an air conditioner. However, there are other ways to keep a room cool, such as using a fan or keeping the windows open. If you live in a house with a garage, and you’re curious about how to keep a room above a garage cool, this post is for you. 

Why is the Room Above the Garage So Hot?

Why is the Room Above the Garage So Hot

Most people don’t think about the temperature of the room above the garage, but it can be surprisingly hot. Wondering why? Here’s a look at some possible reasons and be sure to check out the video below for even more information on the topic:

Lack of Insulation

The room above the garage is usually hotter than the rest of the house because it has less insulation. 

This is because heat rises, so the warm air from the garage escapes into the room above it. The insulation in the walls and ceiling of the room above the garage helps to keep the heat in, but there is usually not as much insulation in these areas as in other parts of the house. 

As a result, the room above the garage tends to be hotter than other rooms in the house.

Air Leaks

Have you ever noticed that the room above the garage tends to be hot? This is because there are usually air leaks in the ceilings and walls. The hot air escapes from the lower level of the house and into the attic, making the space uncomfortable. 

Poor Ductwork

Have you ever noticed that the room above the garage is always hot, even when the rest of the house is comfortable? Poorly designed ductwork is often to blame. Hot air rises, so the ducts that carry air from the furnace to the upper floors of a home are often located in the attic or other uninsulated space. 

As a result, the hot air heated by the furnace doesn’t have time to cool down before it reaches the upper floors, making them uncomfortably warm. If you have a room that is always hot, improving the ductwork may be the best way to fix the problem.

By routing the ducts through a cooler space, such as an unfinished basement, you can help to ensure that the air delivered to your upper floors is at a more comfortable temperature.

Long Distance to HVAC Unit

The further your HVAC unit is from the room you are trying to cool, the harder it has to work and the higher your energy bill will be. If your HVAC unit is located in your garage, the room above the garage is probably very hot.

The reason for this is that heat rises. So, the hot air from your HVAC unit is rising into the attic and then sinking down into the room above the garage.

How to Cool a Room Above a Garage

How to Cool a Room Above a Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have a room above your garage, you know how great it can be to have some extra living space. But with the summer heat bearing down on us, that extra space can quickly turn into an oven. Here are some tips for cooling off your extra room without breaking the bank.

Seal Up Any Leaks

To lower the temperature in the room, you’ll need to find and seal up any gaps or cracks where air can enter. Start by checking around doors and windows, looking for any cracks or holes. Then, check the sealant around your attic access door to make sure it’s still tight. 

Finally, take a look at your insulation to see if there are any gaps or voids. Once you’ve located all the leaks, seal them up with caulk or weatherstripping to help keep cool air in and hot air out.

Add Insulation

One way to help keep your home cool during the summer is to add insulation to the room above the garage. This will help to keep the heat from the garage from rising into the main part of the house.

Insulation will also help to keep the noise from the garage from coming into the house. There are a few different types of insulation that you can choose from, so be sure to talk to a professional about which type would be best for your home.

Improve the Ductwork

The room above the garage is always the hottest in the house during the summer. You can try to lower the temperature by running the air conditioner, but it seems like the air never really gets circulated up there.

The problem is likely with your ductwork. If the ducts are too small or if they have leaks, they won’t be able to move enough air to cool down the room. 

Improving your ductwork is a relatively easy way to make a big difference in the comfort of your home. By installing larger ducts or sealing any leaks, you can ensure that cool air gets to every corner of your house – even on the hottest days of summer.

Use a Portable AC

Many homeowners use a window air conditioner to cool the space, but this can be expensive to run and may not be very effective at cooling the entire garage. A better option is to use a portable air conditioner. 

These units are very efficient and can easily cool a large space. Plus, they’re much less expensive to operate than a window unit. Simply place the portable AC in the room above the garage and enjoy cool, comfortable temperatures all summer long.

Add Vents

One way to add vents to cool a room above a garage is to use a floor vent. Floor vents help to circulate air and prevent the build-up of heat in the room. They can be placed in the corners of the room or along the walls. 

Why You Need to Address That Hot, Stuffy Room Above the Garage

Most people don’t give much thought to the stuffy, hot room above the garage. But maybe they should. That space can have a big impact on both your comfort and your energy bills. In the summer, that extra heat can make your whole house feel stuffy and uncomfortable. 

And in the winter, all that heat is just escaping through the roof, driving up your energy costs. So if you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s comfort and efficiency, addressing that hot, stuffy room above the garage is a great place to start. 

There are a few different ways to do it, so talk to a professional and find the best option for your home. You’ll be glad you did.

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