Garage Signs For Dad: Art For The Garage

Garage signs are like art for the garage. They are a great way to personalize what’s usually a rough and bland space. 

They can also be functional, providing warnings or instructions for things like hazardous materials, safety requirements and so on. 

Garage signs make for a great birthday, Father’s day or holiday gift for dads.

Best Garage Signs For Dad Ideas

Best Garage Signs For Dad Ideas

Here are the best garage signs for dad ideas I’ve found online. They include funny, sarcastic, artsy, practical and even a couple of inspirational signs. 

1. Funny Garage Signs

Yniaun Decor Vintage Man Cave Decor Funny Sarcasm Music Metal Tin Signs Garage Bar Patio Wall Decorations Gifts for Men 12 X 8 Inches Outdoor & Indoor - My Neighbors Are Listening to Great Music

Funny and sarcastic garage signs make for the best dad gifts. You just need to find the right kind of funny that your dad will relate to or which describes your dad’s character or personality.  

Here are a few of my favorite ones. 

  • ‘My neighbors are listening to great music whether they like it or not’ from Yniaun — great gift for dads who like to crank up the volume when working in the garage. 
  • ‘My sense of humor might hurt your feelings’ from VSIIKO — perfect for dads with a darker sense of humor. 
  • ‘Due to price increase on ammo do not expect a warning shot’ from HangTime Store — can work as a warning or sarcastic sign for dads who tend to be territorial about their space. 
  • ‘If i say i will fix it there’s no need to remind me every 6 months’ from Open Road Brands — great sarcastic gift for dads who have to be nagged to remember to fix something. 

2. Garage Signs for Car/Bike Enthusiasts

Nostalgic-Art Retro Tin Sign, BMW – Garage – Gift idea for car accessoires Fans, Metal Plaque, Vintage Design for Decoration, 11.8" x 15.7"

If your dad is a grease monkey or loves cars or bikes, look for signs that appeal to their hobby and enthusiasm. 

Find  garage signs that depict cars, bikes or something else that a car enthusiast will appreciate. 

For example, you can get a plaque or sign of their favorite car brand like this retro BMW tin sign, this HangTime Ford Truck sign, this Volkswagen plaque from Open Roads Brands, or this vintage John Deere sign if your dad loves tractors. 

Vintage vehicle license plates from different states also make for a great dad garage gift. Get a set of them and display them on the garage wall.

My favorite sets include this dozen pack of printed replica plates. If you prefer something more realistic, I recommend this set of embossed plates from 1st warehouse.

You can also go with signs that depict their favorite car or bike. This Ermuhey tin sign of a racing dirt bike looks really cool. I also love this one by Open Road Brands showing a vintage Volkswagen Beetle and this one by Annekilly showing a vintage muscle car.

3. Vintage Garage Signs

Open Road Brands Coca-Cola Auto Shop Metal Sign - Gas, Oil, Auto Repairs Distressed Metal Wall Décor for Garage, Car Shop, or Man Cave

A majority of the garage signs you’ll come across have a vintage style. Vintage or retro signs are popular because they blend so well in the garage. They are almost always on tin that has been designed to look old or washed out.

Some of my most favorite Vintage garage signs are the kind that say ‘Established in…’.  Some of these can even be customized with a specific year. So if you want the garage to really feel vintage, you can have the sign say it was established decades ago.

Old timey signs that remind your dad of the good old days also make for a great vintage gift. 

Here are a few cool vintage garage signs I found online. 

4. Garage Stop Sign For Parking

Walter Drake Parking Assistant Stop Sign for Garage

As I mentioned, some garage signs can actually be useful. A good example of this is a stop sign parking aid such as the Walter Drake Parking Assistant Stop Sign

These parking assistants typically consist of a bright red STOP sign atop a tall pole that’s fixed on a weighted base. You place the sign at the rear of the garage where you want the car to stop.

The sign has a motion sensor that detects when the bumper touches the pole. This triggers the STOP sign to start flashing red, which is your indication to stop. 

Garage stop signs are handy for tight garages where there’s a risk you could bump into the wall or something. I also think they look cool. They bring a bit of the road inside the garage. 

If you think the stop sign will look a bit weird in the garage, match it with some additional replica road signs and stick them on the garage wall. You can get a ‘One Way’ sign, a speed limit sign, and so on. 

5. Inspirational Garage Signs 

Paximiga Leave Your Worries at The Door Metal Vintage Look 20X30 cm Decoration Crafts Sign for Home Kitchen Bathroom Farm Garden Garage Inspirational Quotes Wall Decor

Your dad may not appreciate a ‘Live, Love, Laugh’ sign in the garage, but there are plenty of inspirational garage signs he’ll love. 

These usually contain some hard truths, words of wisdom, or just something smart. Here are some of my favorite ones. 

  • ‘Leave Your Worries at The Door’ metal vintage sign by Paximiga
  • Thrive inspirational poster by Graman.
  • ‘You can have results or excuses, not both’ motivational decal by SEATUNE. This one is especially perfect for dads who also use their garage as a gym.
  • ‘A man’s home is his castle, but his garage is his sanctuary’ metal tin sign

6. Custom Garage Signs

Welcome Name's Garage My Tools My Rules Custom Personalized Tin Chic Sign Rustic Vintage Style Retro Kitchen Bar Pub Coffee Shop Decor 9"x 12" Metal Plate Sign Home Store Man cave Decor Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a garage sign that feels personal, get a custom sign. Sellers of custom garage signs let you add a name on the sign, and sometimes other details like year. 

A good example is this simple welcome sign that you can customize with your dad’s name when you place your order. 

The name is added in the same style and font as the rest of the sign, so it looks authentic.  

You can also get a customized LED or neon sign like this one from ADVPRO. The manufacturer lets you choose what text will appear on the sign. You can customize the name, year, location and so on. 

There are also blank signs on which you can add a custom message or quote. These are great if there’s a specific funny quote, an inside joke or inspirational message that you can’t find on any ready made sign. 

BA IMAGE has a black aluminum sign on which you can add any text you want. 

7. LED Light Up Garage Signs

LED or neon signs are not just for businesses; they also look awesome in the garage. Most of them are actually LED, not neon. They are just made to look like vintage neon signs, but without the classic buzz. 

Compared to neon signs, LED signs are cheaper, safer, and last way longer. 

Most of the LED garage signs I found are customizable. So you can add your dad’s name or custom message on the sign.  

8. Safety Garage Signs

Danger Flammable Material No Smoking Fire Hazard Sign, 10” x 14” Industrial Grade Aluminum, Easy Mounting, Rust-Free/Fade Resistance, Indoor/Outdoor, USA Made by MY SIGN CENTER

If you have hazardous materials in your garage like chemicals, safety signs can help keep people a safe distance away. 

You can get a FLAMMABLE sign to warn others of the presence of flammable materials or chemicals. My favorite one is this aluminum one that’s guaranteed to last longer than a paper sticker. It’s also rust free.

For chemicals like chlorine, muriatic acid, and varnish, I recommend this NMC OSHA Sign that’s available in plastic, vinyl or metal. 

Of course, a sign is not enough to keep people safe. It’s also important that you store flammable and hazardous materials properly. You can find safety boxes and cabinets designed for such substances. 

Here are a few other garage safety signs: 

  • No climbing’ warning sign to warn people, especially kids, from climbing onto shelves. 
  • AB Tools ‘Mind your head’ sign if you have things like a bike rack or shelves hanging low from the ceiling. 
  • Enter at Own Risk’ warning sign for anyone entering the garage, especially friends and neighbors. 
  • Safety gear sign to remind yourself and others to always wear safety gear and use protective equipment. 
  • Ostek LED EXIT sign. You can place this one over the garage or side door to help you or anyone else in the garage find their way out in the dark or in case of a fire. 
  • Garage tool rules metal sign to discourage people from borrowing or taking your expensive tools.

What’s The Best Material For Garage Signs?

You’ll notice that most garage signs are made from metal, usually tin or aluminum. That’s because garage signs look better on metal compared to other materials like wood or plastic. 

Metal can also withstand the uncontrolled climate of the garage without warping or cracking. Most metal signs are also designed to resist corrosion. 

Vinyl and plastic signs are also great for a garage since they don’t rust and won’t be damaged by moisture. These materials are often used for safety and warning signs. 

I recommend avoiding wood decor or signs in the garage. Wooden signs don’t quite blend in with everything else in the garage. They are also vulnerable to moisture damage or warping from extreme temperature fluctuations. 

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