How To Store A Mattress In The Garage?

You only have so much storage space in your home – so you might be wondering if you can (and how to) store a mattress in the garage. While the best place for a mattress is, obviously, your bedroom, rest assured that you can store a mattress in the garage if proper steps are taken to ensure its protection.

Does a Mattress Go Bad in Storage?

does a mattress go bad in storage

A mattress won’t necessarily “go bad” or get damaged in storage, but it’s important that you don’t just leave your mattress lying around – and that you instead take the proper steps to store it wisely.

Remember, long-term mattress storage done correctly will reduce the chance of strange odors developing. When you store a mattress in the ideal location, it will prevent it from absorbing the odors in your home. Worse, insufficient air circulation between layers can cause a mattress to smell stale.

When considering your storage area, you also need to take steps to prevent mold or mildew from getting inside. Proper humidity levels are just as important as proper aeration.

Finally, remember when you are storing the mattress that you need to take steps to help it retain its shape. This is especially important for mattresses that are firm and ultra-firm. They have fewer layers and therefore, are more likely to be damaged by an outside impact.

How Do You Store a Mattress Without Damaging It?

how do you store a mattress without damaging it

To store your mattress properly, keep these tips in mind.

Is it Ok to Store a Mattress in the Garage?

You can store a mattress in the garage, though it’s not the best option if your garage is uninsulated or damp.

If it is, make sure you invest in a covered mattress storage bag. This will help you seal out moisture and keep your mattress safe when you store it in a garage (the same rule of thumb applies if you will be storing your mattress in a storage unit).

How to Store a Mattress Against a Wall

The best place to store a mattress will be on a flat surface. Storing it on its side, rolling it, or folding it can cause its structural elements to bend, shift, or warp under the weight. This results in lumps or broken coils.

Therefore, you’ll want to choose a location in the garage where you can lay the mattress flat, just as you would on the bed.

If you must store your mattress against the wall, there is an easy hack you can try to prevent any issues from developing.

Simply tie a rope around the mattress and box spring to keep them together. This will prevent them both from tipping over while being stored. You can also brace a heavy object against the base so it stays against the wall without tipping or sagging.

Is it OK to Stack Mattresses for Storage?

Mattresses can (and should) be stacked in storage. This is a great way to store them long-term. Just make sure your garage floor is clean before you stack them this way.

If you can, stack the mattresses on top of another surface to prevent moisture from getting to them, too.

Preparing Your Mattress for Storage

Once you’ve decided where and how you are going to store your mattress, it’s time to get the job done.

Your first step should be to clean it. Chances are, your mattress has collected a fair amount of dust, dirt, and debris while you’ve been using it. The mattress creates the perfect environment for dust mites, which can trigger allergies.

Remove all bedding and mattress protectors from your mattress and vacuum it from all sides.

If there are stains, take the time to treat them. You can use a mixture of lukewarm water, dish soap, and baking soda. Pour it liberally over the affected area, let it sit for fifteen minutes, then blot with a cloth. Let the mattress dry.

Consider investing in a mattress storage bag. This is the only surefire way to prevent critters, like bed bugs and rodents, from making your mattress their new home.

Here’s a video that will give you some more tips to help prevent pests from infesting your stored mattress:

Storing Mattresses Based On Type

Last but not least, know that mattresses differ in their storage options depending on their type.

For example, memory foam mattresses don’t have coils. These mattresses have to be placed flat and wrapped, since they’re more likely to warp and to suffer from mildew growth.

Latex mattresses are heavy and dense – so they have a higher likelihood of bending. Again, these should not be stored upright.

Spring mattresses have reinforced coil units so they hold their shape better. They can still bend and become deformed, but they will hold up better to being propped against a wall if that’s what you need to do.

Other Tips for Storing a Mattress

If you’re storing your mattress in the garage, make sure you’ve selected a location that is as temperature-controlled as possible. This will help keep humidity and moisture from affecting your mattress. Use a dehumidifier if moisture is an issue.

When you store your mattress, don’t put heavy or oddly-shaped items on top (besides other mattresses, of course). This can damage the shape or springs of a mattress, causing wear and tear to its exterior.

Finally, although it’s a good idea to buy a mattress cover to protect your mattress in storage, don’t use just a thick sheet of plastic to wrap it instead. This won’t allow your mattress to breathe properly. If you must use plastic, use a thin layer instead.

Where Else Can You Store Your Mattress?

The garage isn’t the only place you can store your mattress. With the proper care given to the factors listed above, you can also store your mattress in a climate-controlled storage unit, a dry, ventilated room, or any other dry location.

If you have a dry, finished basement, you can store your mattress here, too.

When storing a mattress, just remember that direct heat, moisture, and stale air are the enemies. Avoid storing your mattress in warm, wet areas of the garage, and you should be able to sleep soundly knowing that your mattress is well-protected!

For more storage tips, check out this guide to storing clothes in a garage.

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