How To Set Up A Garage Sale Without Tables?

So you want to have a garage sale…but you don’t have any tables. Not all hope is lost! Here are some tips on how to set up your garage sale without tables – some of them might surprise you!

How Should I Arrange My Garage Sale Items?

How Should I Arrange My Garage Sale Items

As you probably already know, hosting a yard sale is a great way to clear out clutter, make some money, and enjoy your weekend! However, it can also be a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a lot of space or time to arrange your gear.

If you don’t have tables to use, it can make your yard sale even more challenging. Fortunately, there are solutions to this dilemma. You just have to get creative with your garage sale! 

1. Use a Trash Can

Old trash cans (clean ones, of course) can serve many purposes at a yard sale.

You can use them as “bulk bins” to hold items for sale like linens or small toys. You can also use upside-down wire trash cans to hang jewelry on. Smart!

2. DIY Yard Sale Tables

There are all kinds of ways you can make your own DIY yard sale tables, too. Here are a few suggestions.

How about standing up a couple of ladders and suspending some boards between them? 

You can even make yard sale tables out of pallets. Pallets come in especially handy when it comes to displaying things like clothes and shoes. Lay an old closet door across two sawhorses! Do what you have to do to get your items out there.

Even PVC pipe can come in handy, letting you string together a quick clothing rack that’s easy to tear apart when you’re done. 

Here’s a helpful video with more garage sale set-up and makeshift table DIY ideas:

3. Make Use of the Furniture You Do Have

Are you selling other kinds of furniture at your yard sale? If so, take advantage of your limited space by putting that furniture to work! 

For example, you can repurpose an old dresser to stash your kitchenware. Use a couch to display throw blankets. Set up the desk you’re selling with all the office supplies you have for sale. Changing table for a baby? Load it up with diapers, baby clothes, and other baby gear! 

Not only will it let you put everything you have out on display  – without needing tables – but it will give your shoppers an idea of how the items would look in their homes, too.

4. Try Plastic Bins

Plastic bins, totes, or tubs also make great displays for yard sale items. Plastic totes are especially beneficial if you’re trying to sell books. They can also be used to store clothes, home decor items, and all kinds of other gear as well. 

Plastic milk crates work in the same way – they’re wonderful for displaying items like shoes and hats or even free items. 

5. Use Your Car

Not enough tables…but need places to display signs? Use your vehicle! You can hang signs on it or even dangle items from it, like a garden hose. 

6. Flip Cardboard Boxes Upside Down

For lighter items, cardboard boxes can be flipped upside down and used as makeshift tables. Easy!

7. Put a Blanket or Tarp Down

Lya down a blanket, tarp, bedspread, sheet, sleeping bag, rug, or even a beach towel to display your items on the lawn. Even shower curtains can work! Not only do these items provide a nice visual backdrop but they’re easy to set up and tear down, too. 

8. Don’t Put Clothing on a Table

If you only have a couple of tables available to use at your yard sale, don’t waste them by using them to display clothing. There are far better ways to display clothing, like hanging it – plus, it helps get you away from the hassle of having people unfolding all the clothes and making a mess of them on the table every five minutes.

9. Put Items on the Porch or Steps

Of course, you’ll need to tread carefully when you head inside for a drink or to use the bathroom, but putting items on your porch or steps is another easy way for customers to see what you have for sale. 

Other Tips for When You Don’t Have Tables At Your Garage Sale

If you’re putting items on the ground, even if they’ll be on a blanket or tarp, remember that morning dew and even a small amount of rain can wreak havoc on your items. Check the forecast and plan accordingly. 

Whether you have tables or not, make sure you take the time to strategically arrange your yard sale. If you’re lucky enough to have two or more tables, it will be easier to pre-plan your arrangements. If not, you’ll have to get creative.

For the tables you do have, take time to measure their sizes in advance, as well as the size of your yard or garage. This will give you an idea of how to properly arrange them.

Make sure you have enough display space and reduce stress the day of the sale by making sure everything has a place to go. Arrange tables in a U-shape to give customers maximum space to shop (or an L if your garage is small). 

If you’re displaying breakable times, put them at the back of the table so they aren’t likely to be knocked off. Group like items together and avoid the temptation to overload the few tables you do have with too many items. Keep it simple and evenly spaced!

Where to Find Cheap Yard Sale Tables to Buy?

Where to Find Cheap Yard Sale Tables to Buy?

Other yard sales!

Just kidding…but not really. You can often find cheap card tables and other low-cost furniture for sale by shopping at other peoples’ sales. This is a great way to get display tables for all of your items. 

You can also shop the clearance sections at home improvement stores like Lowe’s. Even eBay tends to have low-cost folding tables you can purchase. 

Where to Rent Tables for Garage Sale?

For most people, renting tables for a garage sale just isn’t practical, given how much (or how little) money you’ll make and how much it costs to rent tables versus the price to buy them.

However, if you’re planning on having a very large yard sale (like a multi-family sale or one that lasts several days), then renting might make more sense.

Check with your local party supply store or even on Facebook Marketplace (which has a separate garage sale rental category in some places!) to get yard sales to rent for as little as $5 per day.

When you rent tables, be sure to choose those that are long and narrow. That way, your shoppers won’t have to reach too far to get to items at the back or worse, move items out of their way.

Create Makeshift Tables for Garage Sale

Whether you create your own makeshift tables for garage sale or forego the tables entirely, no judgment! There are plenty of ways you can display your items, tables or no tables, to make sure your customers can see what you have for sale.

Whatever you choose, be sure to put in the effort up front to make sure it’s easy for your customers to shop. By taking the time to properly display and price your items, you can have a seriously great yard sale – instead of one that’s just “okay.”

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