How To Get Rid Of Bats In A Garage?

Bats are important and fascinating creatures that play a valuable role in the ecosystem. That said, you probably don’t want them hanging out in your own personal living space. Read this article for tips on how to get rid of bats in a garage.

Where Do Bats Hide in Garages?

Where Do Bats Hide in Garages

Bats usually hide in places like the eaves of your garage or your attic. They look for dark spaces that aren’t commonly disturbed. A colony will contain mostly female bats along with their babies. As natural cave dwellers, they’re going to be looking for spaces in your garage that mimic those natural areas. 

They might stumble upon your garage in the search for food. They feed on insects like beetles, moths, and mosquitoes – but they also eat fruits like bananas and mangoes. Even if your garage is pretty clean, you might find that the errant bat comes in every now and then. 

Food in your garage is one of the most common bat attractants, but there are all kinds of other things that can lure a bat into your garage. They have poor vision and are easily confused into spaces like garages. 

Ultimately, bats aren’t animals that you want hanging around your home or garage. Although they aren’t likely to bite – you’re more likely to be bitten by your own cat or dog – there are all kinds of diseases that can be spread by these animals (even if they don’t bite you). Their droppings alone are riddled with diseases.

Bats are usually docile, hanging upside down in dark corners to sleep, but that still doesn’t mean you should let them hang around your home.  

How Do I Permanently Get Rid of Bats?

Here are some tips to help you remove bats from your home or garage. If you’re in a rush and don’t want to read all the tips, take a look at this quick video for must-know pointers:

Identify the Bat

The first thing you need to do when you’re trying to get rid of bats is to figure out what exact species you’re dealing with. There are close to 50 species of bats in the United States but usually, it is only the colonizing species that will make your garage their home. 

The most common species of bats you’ll find in your home are big brown bats, little brown bats, and pallid bats. You’re most likely to find bats in the home during the breeding season, which is the spring and summer.

Try Bright Light 

Bats are cave dwellers, meaning they aren’t fond of bright light during the day. Therefore, you may be able to get rid of the bats simply by turning on some lights. 

You can also install a set of bright floodlights. The more light you can get to the area, the better. Make sure the light is directed above so that you can illuminate the area where the bats are most likely to frequent. 

Turn on the Heat

Like bright lights, bats also are not fond of excessive heat. If your garage is heated, you are far less likely to have a bat problem than you would if you chose not to heat it. 

Place several small heaters around your garage – if you can, position them close to the area where you know the bats are roosting. Keep the temperature over 100 degrees and wait – the bats are sure to leave. 

This will also help dry the area out – bats prefer a bit of humidity. 

Seal Things Up

If bats can’t get into your garage in the first place, they aren’t going to be able to settle in for the long haul. Make sure your garage is as airtight as possible.

While a stray bat may get into the house every now and then as you open and close the garage door, it’s unlikely that this will lead to you fostering a full bat colony. Look for other entry points like large cracks, gaps, and open windows. 

Bats are surprisingly flexible and can squeeze into spaces as narrow as ⅜ of an inch. Don’t count out small, inconspicuous openings!

Put in a One-Way Exclusion Device

If you happen to notice any entry points, you can install a one-way tube or valve. This will allow the bats to leave your garage but it won’t let them back in. If you’re fortunate enough to be able to pinpoint exactly how the bats are getting in, this is one of the best ways to get rid of them. They will just leave on their own! 

How to Get Rid of Bats Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Bats Home Remedies

Don’t rely on chemicals or pesticides to get rid of bats. Not only are many species endangered and protected by law, but these creatures are valuable contributors to the ecosystem. After all, they help get rid of mosquitoes! 

Instead, consider these home remedies to repel bats. 

Essential Oils to Get Rid of Bats

There are a few essential oils you can use to get rid of bats, too. 

They aren’t fond of eucalyptus or peppermint. Cinnamon and spearmint are equally repulsive to them. 

Just mix together a blend of these essential oils with water, then spray it liberally all over your garage once the bats leave to hunt for the night.

The smell will be quite strong and it will prevent the bats from returning to the garage.

Install a Bat Box

You can also install a bat box (also known as a bat roost or bat house) away from your home but still on your property. This can encourage bats to spend their time in a place somewhere besides your garage. 

Check with the Authorities

If your bat problem becomes too much for you to handle – or if you get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about these flying mammals – then you might want to contact the appropriate channels to get rid of the bats for you.

It’s not a bad idea to do this anyway, since some states require you to have a bat removal permit if you’re going to move bats (especially if you’re planning on doing it during their mating season). 

Clean Thoroughly

After getting rid of a group of bats in the garage, you have a bit more work on your hands. Bats leave lots of droppings and urine behind, and these can be loaded with pathogens. Wear a sturdy pair of rubber work gloves and an N95 respirator to protect yourself.

Then, use bleach and a non-ammonia soap or detergent to thoroughly clean the areas that the bats frequented.  

Bats in Garage: Keep Them Out for Good!

Bats are often misunderstood. They are beneficial in many aspects, helping to keep insect populations in check and keep a sense of homeostasis. However, there’s no reason why they need to hang out in your garage – and there’s little chance that you actually want them here! Follow these tips to know how to get rid of bats in a garage for good.

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