How To Get Rid Of A Possum In Your Garage?

Possums, although they look cute and adorable, can actually cause a lot of damage to your belongings, so you definitely don’t want them in the garage! Have a read through our handy tips, to help you learn how to get rid of a possum in your garage.

How Do You Scare A Possum Away?

how do you scare a possum away

Possums aren’t desperately keen on loud noises, bright colours and other man made thing, so setting these things up around your yard can help the problem.

  • Set up children’s spinning pinwheels around the garden. They will move in the wind and startle the possum away.
  • Tie helium balloons around places where possums enter. They will bob about in the wind and help to deter possums.
  • Leave a portable radio in your yard, to make them think people are around all the time.
  • Place a fan, with ribbons tied to it, in the yard. The ribbons will move in the fan, and startle any intruders.
  • Try motion sensing sprinklers that will activate jets of water when they are triggered by movement.
  • Motion sensing lights can also be a deterrent, as they turn on when they are activated and can scare off possums.
  • Invest in a cat silhouette, that can be placed around your garden and make possums think that there are predators.

For those who like a visual instruction, here is a video explaining the best way to scare away and repel possums:

How To Get Rid Of Possum In Garage?

You might find that you have more of a possum problem in the cold weather. These guys like to keep warm, so you may need to be more on it in the colder months.

Making your garage an inhospitable environment for a possum may help your problem, so try:

  • Making it uncomfortable for them. Remove any sources of warm bedding they may find, along with any food.
  • Block out entrances and exits so they can’t get in in the first place.
  • Leave lights on, so they think that people are around.
  • Use motion sensing lights that come on at the signs of movement, which may deter them.
  • Keep the trash cans elsewhere. Although it may be inconvenient, keeping your rubbish away will help deter the possums.
  • Keep any food stores or rubbish bins tightly sealed. If these critters smell any food products they’ll be right in there, so make sure there is nothing there to tempt them.
  • If you feed your pets outside, make sure you clean up after them as any fallen crumbs or biscuits can attract unwanted critters.
  • You can use a live trap to capture the little guys; just remember to set them free far from their home territory or they’ll be back within a week!
  • Chemical sprays are also available which are designed to get rid of possums; just make sure you read the label thoroughly so you know they are not harmful to other wildlife.

This informative article can give you some additional tips.

What Scent Keeps Possums Away?

Possums really don’t like chili. You can sprinkle a little chili powder around where they get in, to deter them from entering.

Chili powder is harmless to birds and other animals, so you can liberally spread it without worrying.

Ammonia is another good possum deterrent; it’s not the most pleasant smell for us humans either, but it should keep the critters out of your space.

Another scent that possums dislike is camphor oil mixed with petroleum jelly. Spread this mixture liberally around the places that possums get in, and you should notice a big reduction in unwanted creature activity!

You can lay out a few mothballs to deter possums; they really dislike the strong smell (let’s face it, it’s not the nicest is it?)

Garlic is another strong smell that will put off a possum – crush a few cloves and place into a spray bottle filled with water, and spray away.

Try using animal derived fertilisers, such as blood and bone meal, to spray around your garden. Not only will this deter possums, but it’s good for your garden too!

What Home Remedy Will Get Rid Of Possums?

If you have a possum problem but you don’t want to resort to inhumane methods of getting rid of them, never fear! There are home remedies that can rid you of these pests:

Pet fur

Possums are territorial creatures, and the sight or smell of other mammals about the place will give them pause for thought.


This smelly liquid is stinky enough to clear a bar, and it will also deter your furry friends if you spread it around your yard and garage.


Good for keeping vampires away? Definitely. Good for keeping possums away? Also yes! Spread it around, grow it, spray it – get that garlic around and you will notice far fewer possums. And fewer vampires.


Making your garage a completely unwelcome environment for possums is a good way to keep them out.

Scary silhouettes

A cheap and simple solution is to buy a metal cat shape with reflective eyes, and place them all around your garden.

Pest control

As a very last resort, if all your other methods have failed, you can call in a pest control expert.

Remember that possums are quite sneaky, and a home remedy that works to deter one possum might not work on another.

Work your way through the list until you find something that deals with your particular problem!

No one wants possums in their garage. They make a lot of mess, and they just don’t care what they eat or what they destroy.

They can also eat any food that you have lying around, so you will want to get rid of them as soon as you can. Now you have some ideas up your sleeve! Looking for more advice? Have a look at our guides about unwanted lizards or even skunks in your garage.

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