How To Display Baby Clothes At Garage Sale?

Are you having a garage sale and wondering how to display baby clothes at a garage sale so they look inviting and easy to browse? Check out these tips for neatly folding and grouping baby clothes by size so your customers can easily find what they’re looking for. With a little bit of prep work, you can create an organized and appealing display that will make shopping at your garage sale a breeze!

How to Display Baby Clothes at Garage Sale

how to display baby clothes at garage sale

Here are a few clever ways you can display baby clothes at your next garage sale. As you’ll likely notice by reading the tips below, there’s no single best way to display these clothing items. As long as you have a method of organization that works for you and that allows you to be consistent, you will be fine. 

Clothing Rack

One easy (and obvious) way to display baby clothes is to hang them on a clothing rack. It will keep the clothes off the ground and make it easy to sort through the piles. It also looks organized and won’t get dirty or disorganized when people rifle through.

Not only that, but when you arrange clothing on a clothing rack, you can organize it inside and then simply roll the rack into your yard or garage once the sale starts. No folding and unfolding at the beginning and end of each day! 

Don’t have a clothing rack to spare? No problem! There are plenty of ways around this. You can make your own DIY clothing rack out of materials like older ladders, trampolines, and even sawhorses. Get creative! 


Another simple way to display your garage sale clothing is to simply put it in piles. Make sure everything is neatly folded. Putting it on a table off the ground prevents your customers from having to bend over to rifle through it.

Just make sure your tables are adequately spaced so that it’s easy for customers to maneuver around them. 


You can also display baby clothes in tubs. This is a common strategy, particularly because it is the fastest to set up.

All you have to do is toss the clothes in the tubs – then drag the tubs inside at the end of the day. It’s as simple as that. You can sort the tubs by gender or by size and use a variety of tubs to keep things separated. 

On the Ground

If you’re seriously lacking in the tables department, putting the baby clothes in piles on the ground is another option. The downside to this is that you’re probably going to find yourself doing a lot of folding (unless having piles of unfolded clothes hanging around doesn’t really bother you).

However, the beauty of this method is that it doesn’t require you to go out and purchase (or rent) any tables. It’s great if you’re short on space. Just make sure you put a blanket, tarp, or sheet under the clothes so that the ground doesn’t cause the delicate baby clothes to become dirty.  

By Outfit, Size, Clothing Type, or Gender

Once you’ve figured out where you’ll put the baby clothes at your garage sale, think about how you’ll organize them.

Grouping baby clothes by size is a smart choice, especially if you have a lot of baby clothes to get rid of. You can also arrange by gender, if you have both boys and girls clothes to sell, or by clothing type.

For example, you can put all of these shirts together, all of the pants together, and all of the shoes together. 

To make the most amount of money – and get rid of the most clothing – you might want to consider grouping by outfit. Put together a pants and shirt set (throw in shoes or other accessories, even, if you want!) and you can get rid of both by offering a discounted price for the entire unit.

Here are a few more helpful garage sale organization tips:

How to Price Baby Items for Garage Sale 

There are a few ways you can price the baby items you’re selling at your garage sale. Generally, clothing items are priced at anywhere between $0.25 per $1 per item, but this varies. Here are a few options.

The 10% Rule

Never charge more than 10% of the retail price. If you bought something for $20, you shouldn’t sell it for more than $2 at a yard sale.

This can be tricky for baby clothes, which tend to be cheap, to begin with, but it’s a good rule of thumb to follow if you want to get rid of as many clothes as possible. 

Comparison Shopping

Check other garage sales (or online resources, like Facebook Marketplace) to find out what other people are charging for their products. This will give you an idea of good local prices you can compare to.

5 Cent Increments 

To reduce the amount of change you need to make, consider setting all of your prices in five-cent increments. That way, you won’t find yourself dealing with pennies. Smart!

Quantity vs. Quality

The goal of having a garage sale is to get rid of as much “junk” as possible. Therefore, you may want to focus on selling quality items somewhere else.

You might have a baby coat that’s worth $200 – that’s great, but you’re probably not going to be able to sell it at a yard sale. At least, not quickly, anyway. Save that for another outlet, like selling on Facebook Marketplace. Consigning is another option.

Sell items that you can sell cheaply –  and consider offering bulk sales (like “fill a bag for $1”) so you can get rid of the most amount of “stuff.” 

New vs. Used 

This should go without saying but remember – if an item is new and still has the tags on it, it’s going to be worth much more than if it has been used. Keep things clean and organized so you have a good idea of the condition and what to charge!

Let the Customer Decide!

A final technique to try when pricing baby clothes for a yard sale is to simply allow the customer to decide. 

Don’t be afraid to haggle! Many people dislike this strategy but it can be highly effective in getting more out of the items you’re selling.

What Should You Not Sell at a Garage Sale? 

While most baby clothes at a yard sale are fair game, there are other baby products that you might want to steer clear of selling. They’re prone to wearing out and to product recalls – meaning you could be in hot water if someone buys one of your baby items and then gets hurt.

These items include things like:

  • Cribs
  • Car seats 
  • Strollers
  • Sippy cups and bottles
  • Bath toys 

Of course, there are also items that are tough to get clean no matter how well you wash them, too, like cloth diapers, bibs, and stuffed animals. Just toss these instead of trying to sell them. 

Yard Sale Display Ideas

If you’re looking to get rid of some baby clothes, try these tips for displaying them at your garage sale. By making your clothes easy to see and appealing to buyers, you can make a few extra bucks off of those items that your kids are no longer using – and that are taking up space in your home!

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