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Steps To Paint Your Garage Ceiling

How To Paint A Garage Ceiling {7 Steps}

Any ceiling can be challenging to paint, but with the right technique and the right equipment, you can make short work of this task. In this article, we provide step-by-step instructions and tips to help you successfully paint your garage ceiling. Read on to learn more. 7 Steps To Paint Your Garage Ceiling 1. Clear … Read more

Garages, Wintertime & Painting

Can You Paint Your Garage In The Winter?

In wintertime, you may have more time to take care of chores than in summer. Painting indoors is a good wintertime task. What about your garage, though? Is it possible to paint your garage in the winter? In this article, we explore this question and provide tips and tricks to help you tackle outdoor and … Read more

Painting Unfinished Garage Walls

How To Paint Unfinished Garage Walls?

Typically, the interior of a garage (if it’s finished at all) may have a thin layer of drywall, or it may have pressed wood or manufactured wood panels (oriented strand board/OSB) in place. Truly unfinished garage walls have no paneling of any kind. They are just the inside of the exterior wall and the studs. … Read more

15 Steps To Paint Your Vinyl Garage Door

How To Paint A Vinyl Garage Door?

Painting a vinyl garage door is a fairly easy and inexpensive task. It should take no more than three or four hours, and it should cost about $60. Painting a vinyl garage door requires only very basic painting skills, and you’ll use latex house paint, which is a very safe product that’s easy to clean … Read more

steps needed to paint a car in your garage

How To Paint A Car In Your Garage?

You may think that painting is painting, and if you can paint a wall, you can paint a car. Nothing could be further from the truth. Painting a car is a very precise and specific task, and it requires a collection of focused and often expensive equipment. In this article, we go over the equipment … Read more

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