Can You Put A Freezer In The Garage?

Many people are curious if they can put a freezer in the garage. The answer is usually yes, but there are some factors you’ll want to consider before making that decision. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at both the pros and cons of putting a freezer in the garage so that you can make the best decision for your needs.

Can You Put a Freezer in the Garage? What to Keep in Mind

Tips for Keeping a Freezer in the Garage

During the winter, your garage can be a refuge from the cold. But what about during the summer? Can you keep a freezer in the garage without it affecting the food inside? The answer is yes, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Is the Garage Climate Controlled?

Whether you can store a freezer in the garage depends on a few factors, including the climate control of the garage and the model of freezer.

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to put a freezer in an unconditioned garage, as the extreme temperatures can cause the freezer to work harder than necessary and shorten its lifespan. 

However, if the garage is climate-controlled or the freezer is specifically designed for use in an unheated space, then it should be fine to store it there. 

What is the Humidity and Temperature?

One common question people have is whether they can put a freezer in the garage. It is possible to do so, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First, the temperature in the garage can fluctuate throughout the year, and it may get too cold for the freezer to function properly. 

Second, the humidity level can also affect the freezer. If it is too high, it can cause condensation on the coils, which can lead to damage. Finally, if there is a lot of dust in the garage, it can clog the freezer’s ventilation system and cause it to overheat.

Do You Have Enough Space?

The garage typically has more floor space than the kitchen, making it easier to find a spot for your stuff. If you have an oversized garage or a detached garage, you may even be able to store more than one freezer.

So if you’re considering adding a freezer to your home, don’t forget to check if you have enough space in the garage.

Tips for Keeping a Freezer in the Garage

One of the best ways to keep your food fresh and your family fed is to have a freezer in the garage. In the summer, the temperature in the garage can get hot, so it is important to take some precautions to make sure that your food stays frozen. 

Make Sure the Floor is Level 

First, make sure that the freezer is on a level surface. If it’s not, the food inside can spoil quickly. An unlevel freezer is also more likely to develop ice buildup, which can lead to mechanical problems.

Get a Good Thermometer

You may want to invest in a good freezer thermometer. This will help you to keep track of the temperature inside the freezer so that you can adjust the settings as needed.

You may also want to consider investing in a backup generator or UPS system to ensure that your food stays frozen even in case of a power outage.

Keep the Freezer Away from Windows

Try to keep the freezer away from the windows. The sun can heat up the garage, causing the freezer to work harder to maintain its temperature. 

Put the Freezer Out of Direct Sunlight

Keep the freezer away from direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause the temperature inside the freezer to fluctuate, which can damage the food. 

Here’s a video that will walk you through some tips for storing a freezer in an unheated garage:

Don’t Use an Extension Cord

Avoid using an extension cord. The cord can easily become tangled or damaged, which could create a fire hazard.

Make Sure There is Good Air Circulation

Ensure that there is good air circulation around the unit. If it is placed against a wall or in a corner, warm air may not be able to circulate properly, causing the compressor to work harder and ultimately shorten the lifespan of the fridge. 

Make sure that the garage is well-ventilated. Otherwise, the heat from the summer sun can cause the freezer to overheat and shut down.

Clear Out Garage Clutter

Before you can store your freezer in the garage, you need to clear out some of the clutter. Freezers are large appliances, and they need a lot of space to operate properly. If your garage is full of boxes, tools, and other items, there may not be enough room for your freezer. 

Additionally, items in your garage can interfere with the freezer’s ventilation system, causing it to overheat. 

To prevent these problems, take some time to declutter your garage before you bring in your freezer. Once you’ve cleared out a space for the appliance, you can enjoy the convenience of having an extra freezer without worry.

Don’t Leave It Empty

An empty freezer is much more likely to develop ice buildup, which can damage the mechanism and make it less efficient. Instead, try to store items that take up a lot of space, such as bags of frozen vegetables or large blocks of ice.

Make Sure it Has Enough Power

When most people think about storing a freezer in the garage, they only worry about whether it will be cold enough. However, it is also important to make sure that the freezer has enough power. 

Most freezers require a dedicated circuit, and if the circuit is overloaded, it can cause the freezer to shut down or even start a fire. In addition, the garage may be subject to power outages, so it is important to choose a freezer that can maintain its temperature without power for extended periods of time. 

With a little planning, you can ensure that your freezer will be safe and efficient in any location.

Choose the Right Freezer – a “Garage-Ready” One is a Good Choice 

If you’re planning to store your freezer in the garage, it’s important to choose the right model. Freezers come in a variety of styles and sizes, but not all are designed to withstand the extreme temperatures found in many garages. 

A “garage-ready” model is a good choice for this environment. These freezers are built with thicker insulation and other features that help them to maintain proper temperatures, even when the outside temperature fluctuates. 

In addition, garage-ready freezers typically have a manual defrost function, which helps to prevent ice buildup and keep the interior of the freezer clean. 

Signs the Garage Temperature Isn’t Right For Your Freezer

If you keep your freezer in the garage, it’s important to make sure the temperature is always cold enough. If it gets too warm, your food can thaw and spoil. Here are a few signs that the temperature in your garage isn’t ideal for your freezer:

  • Excessive frost: This is one of the most obvious signs that the temperature in your freezer is too warm. If there’s more frost than usual on the inside of the freezer, it means the air inside is warmer than it should be, causing ice to form.
  • Thawed out food: Another sign that the temperature in your garage is too warm is thawed out food. If you find that items in your freezer are starting to thaw, even though they’re still cold to the touch, it means they’ve been exposed to warmer temperatures and need to be used or refrozen ASAP.
  • Compressor problems: If you notice your freezer’s compressor running more often than usual, or if it seems to be working harder than usual, it could be a sign that the temperature in the freezer is too high. The compressor works harder when it’s trying to cool down a warmer space, so if you notice this happening, it’s time to lower the temperature.

Final Thoughts

So, is it a good idea to put your freezer in the garage? The answer isn’t as clear-cut as you might think. On one hand, keeping it in the garage can save you some energy and money. But on the other hand, putting your freezer in the garage can also increase your risk of a breakdown. 

Ultimately, whether or not you should put it in the garage depends on several factors, including how well insulated your garage is and how often you use your freezer. If you’re unsure about what’s best for you, consider talking to a professional about insulation and refrigeration options.

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